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PETKIT Electric Pet Cat Dog Drinking Water Dispenser Water Fountain automatic feeder dogs square drinker comederos para mascotas

Min Output:150g
Max Output:2000g
Power Source:Charge
LCD Display:Yes


Product Description:

Why PETKIT Pet Drinking Fountain?

   PETKIT EVERSWEET dogs and cats fountain resolved greatly the problem that pets drink hard water for a long time and lack of drinking. It makes sure safe,super silence,and convenient for you and your pets anytime.



     A Red Dot Design Award winner in July, 2017 (awarded by Design Zentrum Nordrhein Westfalenin Essen, Germany)
    Sunk design and Spring design model water fountain for dogs and cats both
    Water-Shortage Alert informs you it's time to refill with water or your pet will be thirsty soon.
    Filter Change Reminder indicates that you need to replace the carbon filter so that your beloved pet will always get the clean and purified water.
    Both Smart Mode and Normal Mode are available to help your pet to develop a good habit of drinking water.
    Power-Off Automatically in short of water to ensure the safety in case you forget to refill with water.
    Ultra-silent Pump saves you from the panic noise as caused by other fountains.
    Triple Purifying System makes sure the water your pet will have is eversweet.
    Unique Water Flow Design allows the water to circulate through the system automatically.
    ABS material Inner tank, safe for pets drinking


1.   Water Capacity of Water Dispenser : 2L (70 Oz)
2.   AC Adapter Input: AC 120V/ 60Hz
3.   Output: AC 12V/ 300mA
4.   Power Consumption: 2W
5.   Size: Water Fountain : 7.1 × 7.1× 6 inch (L*W*H)
6.   Length of Power Cable: 108CM
7.   Suit for: Small to Midle Large size Dog or Cat


1. Triple Purifying System -1

  The top filter on the tray of PETKIT water drinking fountain is made of three layers of filter material(Mesh Screen,Activated Cabon Filter,Ion-Exchange-Resin).

    Mesh Screen:Catches hair and debris.
    Activated Carbon Filter:Removes bad tastes and odors from water.
    Ion-Exchange-Resin:Screen the heavy metal ions in water

①Soak the filter in water for 5 minutes before using it first time.
②Replace this filter every 4 weeks in NORMAL mode
                                      every 12 weeks in SMART mode
(refer to the filter changing reminder light - Orange Light on PETKIT water fountain,when the light is on,you need to replace filter.)


2. Triple Purifying System -2

  The filter on the tray of water fountain plays the most important role in filtering, we also designed other two details, not only play the role of filtering, but more importantly, to protect the pump of pet water fountain, in order to extend the life of drinking fountains.

    Foam Filter and Nylon Net Filter: Prevent impurities from entering the pump, extending the life of the pump, while maintaining pump works quiet for long-term.

         ①When this foam filter becomes yellow or black, please replace it.
         ②When the water fountain bubble weakly, or the pump works loudly, please clean or replace the filter or foam filter and clean the nylon grid on the pump.

3. Two Working Mode
①Normal Mode:
The pump is working for 24/7/365, so the water keeps welling up all the time and your pets can get the access to fresh water at any time, especially after their intense activity.
②Smart Mode
Equipped with a light sensor which can detect when is day and when is night, so the fountain could automatically change the working frequency.
At day: pump works for 3 mins, and rest for 2 mins. 5 mins cycle.
At night: pump works for 3 mins and rest for 2 hour.This is a Green working mode.

4. Split Design:
①Easy to Clean and Easy to Fulfill,take out the inner bucket to fulfill water and clean.Please wipe dry after cleaning.
②Sunk Design: Convenient for dogs to chugging,prevent the water from splashing down to the floor.
③Spring Design: Suitable for cat licking water,attracting pets attention.
④Porous Design: Very convenient for pet owner to refill the water with less bothering.As well prevent pets' hair into inner box.    


5. Visual Display:

①Water level indicator window to check the left water volume anytime.

②Skidproof Design: Non-skid, non-slip pad to ensure the fountain won't skid easily.
③Rounded Design: Easy to clean.
④Ultra-Silent Pump: Very Quiet(<50DB in 40cm range ) , No Noise even in bedroom.

Package Include:
 1* PETKIT Automatic Pet Water Fountain Dispenser


Filter and Filter Tray for W2

PETKITIntelligent thermostat  for W2



4pcs Filter Foam

PETKITCleaning kit


W1 (Blue)
W2 (White)
2pcs Filters for W2
Filter Tray for W2
Thermostat for W2
4pcs Filter Foam
Cleaning kit